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Landscaping is more than a job in the Scott family; it's a tradition. The Scott family has lived in the Ithaca area for over 50 years and they have a strong connection to the land and the community. Thirty years ago, Caleb's father, Duane Scott, set out to make a difference in the community, and he did just that. Everywhere they went, Duane and his wife Andrea left a lasting imprint in the land and lives of all those living in greater Ithaca through their business Scott Landscaping. Today many of the stone walls, walks, patios, and gardens they designed and built look just as good as they did back then.

As the years progressed, the face of the business, its name, and its scope of work have changed. But one thing remains the same and that's our commitment to our clients. So when the need arose for a small-scale family contractor who could provide landscape design/build services, and maintenance solutions for your entire property Caleb Scott stepped up to the plate by creating Scott Land & Yard Services, Inc. Our goal at Scott Land Yard is to meet the needs of clients who want a personal relationship with their landscaping contractors and our vision is to remain an efficient family business with that unique personal touch.

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Caleb Scott

Caleb began his landscape career as a child, working along side his father, and learning to love landscaping and the impact it has both on the space and the individuals who live in it. In addition to working with the family business, Caleb worked for several reputable landscape and paving firms before joining forces with his mentor and father in 2001. Working side by side, the duo began to further build their reputation for quality, efficiency, and sustainability. Finding a niche in and a passion for the landscaping aspect of the work, Caleb enhanced the services offered by the business and founded Scott Land & Yard Services, Inc. which he now independently owns and operates. Caleb and his father continue to share a close working relationship and Caleb is also the Vice-President of their family snow & ice contracting company Scott & Crispell. Caleb works actively with his team at Scott Land Yard to manage and uphold the quality of every job so that each client receives the best service and solution possible for their landscape needs.

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Nicole Scott

Nicole Scott holds a Bachelors degree in Horticulture and Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University. Before joining Caleb in expanding the design services at Scott Land Yard, she held positions with several regional Landscape Architects where she worked on design projects for sites like the Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC and vineyards in the Finger Lakes wine country. In addition to collaborating with local designers, Nicole creates all the designs for Scott Land & Yard, Inc. and is also involved in plant selection and design/build services. She enjoys creating visualizations for residential design because she can help people see how to get more use and pleasure out of their landscapes. Nicole has a passion for transforming a space by selecting intriguing and sustainable plant combinations and adding unique elements to the designs based on the client's dreams. Nicole also enjoys watching how Caleb translates her designs into reality and works with him to ensure integrity of the design throughout the installation process.

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The Scott family in the early days of landscaping

"Since the day my ancestors stepped off of the May Flower they have been building stone walls all across New England. This work ethic, drive, and love for the land is in my blood." - Caleb Scott

"The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses." - Hanna Rion

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