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Q: What is the advantage of using a design-build contractor, over a separate designer and contractor, or landscape maintenance company?

A: As the designer and the contractor we are able to save you time and money by reducing the steps between a conceptual design and a built landscape. We do not have to create extensive drawings for the installation, but can still insure that the design intent is maintained throughout construction. Unlike some maintenance companies, we offer exceptional design services that take into consideration the existing site conditions, the desired use and character of the landscape, and individual preferences and budget. We are committed to designing unique and successful landscapes for each individual client.

Q: Can we do our landscape in phases?

A: Yes! If you are interested in an upgrade for the whole landscape, or are working with a limited budget, we recommend that you let us develop a master plan for the entire scope of the project. A master plan will contain the desired conceptual design, along with suggested phasing stages. We can then address specific design details for each stage. Once each stage is completed it will fit together with the whole design of your landscape. In the end you have a landscape that is designed and installed to function as a whole, complete landscape.

Q: How do you bill for your design services?

A: Our design services are billed on an hourly rate. We have found that this system works put best for the clients and for us. You pay only for the hours necessary to create the design.

Q. Can you do a design for our project that we can then put out to bid or have another contractor construct?

A. No. As design-build landscape contractors we produce all of our design work with the intention of being constructed by Scott Land and Yard Services.

Q: What is the typical cost for a landscape project?

A: The cost of a landscape project varies depending on the total time necessary to do the project plus the cost of materials. The cost also depends on the type and quality of materials used and the size and quantity of plants installed. Each project is unique in its challenges and solutions. This is one reason we recommend using our design services for your landscape project. We are happy to offer a free on-site consultation and free estimate for installation (excluding design fees).

Q: Do you use deer resistant plants?

A: While no plant is deer proof, we always select our plants with deer tolerance in mind. We also take into consideration the site conditions, aesthetics of the design, the client's desire for bird and butterfly attraction, and/or edible landscapes.

Q: How do we care for our garden after installation?

A: Our goal is to provide our clients with healthy, beautiful landscapes. We communicate with our clients about the proper care for their new landscape and we are always available to answer questions or concerns.

Q: Do you have a guarantee for newly installed plants?

A: Yes, we do offer a guarantee. Please read our Landscape Aftercare PDF for more details.

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