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We believe every project offers unique opportunities which are site specific. We take a wholistic approach to each project, offering both interior and exterior services. We work on projects of various sizes and we tailor our design services to meet your needs. We prefer a flexible design process which starts with a free consultation (for interior, exterior, or both) which clearly defines the client's goals and objectives. We create a design development program fitted to the project's specific opportunities and constraints. Depending on the design development program selected, we may first give an estimate for cost of design services. Upon approval of the design service estimate the designing will begin.

Our goal is to work with each client to create a design that is safe, functional, creative, and meets the budget. Our hope is that the end results will be a sustainable space for clients to use and enjoy.

We will provide you with personalized attention and educate you from start to finish on the process and your options. We take the time to plan your project, use quality materials and practices and do it right the first time. We give you a design you will be proud of, will last longer and add more value to your home. We warranty and stand behind all of our workmanship and promise to be only a phone call away if you have a question or a need. You will never pay more than the price we quote unless you want additional changes.

Sustainability in Design

At Scott Land Yard, we believe in protecting and caring for nature. We work with our clients to provide environmentally-friendly landscaping that includes the following design practices:

  • Protecting and maintaining natural areas as much as possible.
  • Site analysis and planning
  • Selecting plants that are suited to the site by using regionally native plants, reducing exotic plants, and avoiding invasive exotic plants.
  • Promoting Edible Landscapes. Any landscape can be turned into an edible one! The Ithaca area is fortunate to have several nurseries that grow native and edible plants and they are invaluable in helping us encourage local and individual sustainability. For more information, visit Dave Jacke's edible forest garden website.

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